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The number one priority of RG Appraisal Management Services, LLC, is to provide an excellent loan experience for not only the member/borrower but for the lender.  To improve the borrower's/member's quality of life so they keep coming back to the lender.  Our appraisers and staff are professional, courteous and efficient, and we pride ourselves on the personal consultation and communications between our company and the lender.

The entire state of California (all counties)
Services We Provide:
  • Full Appraisals --exterior and interior inspection
  • Drive-By Appraisals-- exterior inspection
  • Field Review Appraisals-- examination and evaluation of appraisal methodology and content
  • Desk Reviews--
  • Desktop Appraisal Valuations--
  • Recertification of Value--
  • Re-inspections--
  • Any other appraisal related services that you may require, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Commercial properties that are 5+ residential unit projects.
  • FHA appraisals

UAD/ UCDP Update:

RG Appraisal Management Services, LLC, is fully compliant with the Uniform Appraisal Dataset ("UAD"), and we are registered as a Lender Vendor within the Uniform Collateral Dataset  Portal ("UCDP").   
 We are capable of uploading appraisal reports directly to the UCDP on behalf of any client.   
We send the PDF and XML reports directly to the lender.

RG Appraisals utilizes an innovative, and easy-to-use operating portal system. Our system is a streamlined and effective process that allows for placing New Appraisal orders seamlessly at your leisure. You may log in at any time, 24-7 to view/download appraisal reports, check on status, upload documents, and/or ask any questions you may have, etc. 

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